Welfare Officer : Becky Lees


Safeguarding Young People Regulation (revised June 17)

Requirement for County Badminton Associations and Affiliated Clubs/ Leagues/ Organisations

1. The North Abingdon Badminton Club, agrees to adopt the Badminton England Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Policy (revised June 2017)

2. All individuals involved at all levels of Badminton through Badminton England, a County Badminton Association or Affiliated Club/League/Organisation, including, but not limited to players, club members, officials, coaches, administrators, parents of players and spectators are deemed to have assented to the Badminton England Code of Ethics and Conduct and to adhere to the principles of the Badminton England Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Policy.

3. Any act, statement or other behaviour that harms a young person, a group of young people, or that poses or may pose a risk of harm to a young person or group of young people shall be considered a child protection concern. Such conduct will be dealt with, at the appropriate level, through the Badminton England Child Protection Disciplinary Procedures.

Additional requirement for Affiliated Clubs/Leagues/Organisations in England

1. All Affiliated Clubs/Leagues/Organisations agree to ensure the following wording is incorporated into all individual membership forms and all forms, contracts and/or terms of engagement regarding the appointment of coaches, officials and their individuals on a fulltime, part-time or volunteer basis;

“I have read and understood the Badminton England Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Policy and the Codes of Ethics and Conduct and as such agree to fully recognise and adhere to the principles contained within them. (The Policy and Codes of Ethics and Conduct are available to download from the Badminton England website).”

Please visit www.badmintonengland.co.uk/safeguarding for the following: • To download the Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Badminton Policy • Guidance on how to implement the policy within your organisation • Guidance on what to do if you want to report a concern • Contact details for the Badminton England safeguarding team

Alternatively you can email safeguarding@badmintonengland.co.uk

Please note: It is not your responsibility to decide if a situation is poor practice, abuse or bullying but it is your responsibility to report your concerns to the appropriate Welfare Officer.